Southern Bluefin Tuna

Port Lincoln Southern Bluefin Tuna, the most prized fish of them all.

The Southern Bluefin Tuna is most prestigious and luxurious fish that money can buy.

As magnificent on the plate as they are in the ocean, this majestic and migratory fish is known for its pure taste and texture; a direct result of the cold, and clean waters from which it is harvested.

It’s just one of the many reasons that specialist, high-end chefs and discerning home cooks across the globe are prepared to pay premium prices for the perfectly wild, perfectly premium experience that only the Southern Bluefin Tuna can provide.

Until now, it’s also a fish that has only been seen on the tables of high end restaurants overseas. But KIN is bringing the Southern Bluefin Tuna, and its perfectly wild taste and texture to new markets.

Quality —
The quality of Southern Bluefin Tuna is recognised by the most discerning chefs, and KIN tuna is the most luxurious of them all. It reflects the unadulterated Port Lincoln environment where it is harvested. An environment that not only delivers some of the world’s best seafood but also underpins and entire community, built on the back of the tuna industry. It all helps to produce an eating experience like no other.

Sustainability —
Port Lincoln’s Southern Bluefin Tuna industry doesn’t just follow global guidelines on tuna stock sustainability and production – it created what is now widely recognised as worlds-best practice.

So at a time when many fish stocks are dwindling in other markets, the Southern Bluefin Tuna Industry is in a healthy state. And none more so than those captured and matured in Port Lincoln’s pristine environment, which is closely governed by a strict internationally agreed quota system to ensure the future of the industry.

Respecting the fish —
KIN aims to respect the entire fish, and aims to utilise as much of its body as possible so nothing is wasted. The flesh of the fish is carefully butchered to ensure maximum usage and ultra-quality cuts suitable for both home cook and high end chef; organs such as the heart are cured to create a luxury treat often used in Spanish cuisine, broth is created from the bones and investigation is now underway to utilise the tuna skin.

Health Benefits —
KIN products not only provide an unrivalled eating experience, but significant health benefits. Tuna with a range of Omega 3 fatty acids (think ‘good fats’), B Complex vitamins, potassium, iodine, magnesium, zinc, vitamin C and selenium – elements only heightened by the sustainable KIN approach.

Technology —
KIN uses not only best practice to capture the unique texture and flavour of the Southern Bluefin Tuna, but also the most cutting edge technologies available. A globally recognised process called ‘Super Freeze’, perfected by Dinko Tuna is utilised by KIN to ensure every piece of KIN tuna enjoyed on the plate tastes as fresh as the day it was drawn from Port Lincoln’s cold, pristine waters. Super Freeze sees tuna cuts frozen to -60 degrees within hours of harvest. This not only guarantees culinary excellence, but ensures the integrity and flavour of the tuna is maintained without the need for gases to preserve the fish.

Community —
KIN also represents the intrinsic connection between industry and community. The Southern Bluefin Tuna industry and the town of Port Lincoln are intertwined, through its long history, local sporting club support, major events like Tunarama, local employment and helping other fishing sectors with advice, equipment, and boats when required.

It’s what makes the perfectly wild KIN so special. When using KIN products you are not just tasting the best the world has to offer, you are supporting a community, while helping to build a sustainable future.