World-renowned fisheries with new ways of thinking

KIN combines the widely recognised and progressive methods of two world-renowned Port Lincoln fisheries - Blaslov Fishing Company and Stehr Group - with new ways of thinking.

From humble beginnings, these families have created an industry that is intrinsically linked to the Port Lincoln community, and the broader Australian Fishing Industry. They are one of the most sustainable tuna farming industries across the globe, with their processes recognised by science and industry alike.

So it’s no surprise that this proven approach resulted in a taste and quality that has been extolled by the luxury Japanese market for decades. It has created the single most valuable sector of South Australia’s aquaculture industry.

A collaboration that brings the perfectly wild taste and texture of Port Lincoln

But now, a new generation has taken the helm of these three businesses at a time of significant change across the world. A time that has seen the traditional export market show signs of fluctuation while local interest in sustainably sourced, ultra-high quality products has grown.

Instead of competing for new customers and markets, this innovative group of fishers are now working together to share resources and cutting edge technologies.

It’s a collaboration that has created a new, sophisticated, brand and product range that brings the perfectly wild taste and texture of Port Lincoln.

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